Why choose MetaClinic?


An incredible employee benefit.


An employer-sponsored clinic is a generous benefit. It demonstrates your organization’s commitment to your employees and their families.

It’s also a substantial investment – one that should deliver substantial returns.

Here’s why adding MetaClinic to your employee benefits package makes so much sense:

GUARANTEED Savings – Multiple features – proactive approach to health care, savings on visits, labs, meds, ancillaries, etc. – result in substantial savings to employers looking to not only stem health care costs but ultimately reduce them. MetaClinic clients save an average of over 30% of primary care costs in the first year of a three-year contract. SEE OUR PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE


No employer capital investment – Our unique operations model means employers no longer face the specter of funding or co-funding clinic facilities.


Size doesn’t matter – MetaClinic is completely scalable, enabling us to implement this unique health care model for organizations of almost any size – from 20-person companies all the way up to Fortune 500 corporations.


Better employee health – We collect member data and use population health management to proactively engage potentially acute cases before they become expensive and chronic. MetaClinic also offers health coaching, health fairs, and on-site wellness programs at no charge to members.


Convenience – Most generic meds are dispensed on-site and labs are done on-site, at no charge to the member, eliminating the need for extra trips to the lab or pharmacy.


Improved employee productivity – Members do not wait for appointments, on-time visits usually available the same or next day, and members have access to a growing network of clinics… which helps your team stay healthy and productive.

Contact Bravura Health, and we will be happy to show you how our unique MetaClinic model delivers the ultimate in high quality health care and convenience to your employees and their families. We can also prepare a no-obligation MetaClinic Savings Proposal to show you how much you could be saving on your health care costs – using your actual numbers!

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