What is a MetaClinic?


And why is it so great for you and your employees?

A MetaClinic is an employer-sponsored clinic network managed by Bravura Health. It’s a better way for employers to provide convenient, affordable, primary care to employees, while controlling insurance and health care costs.

The unique operations model eliminates overhead for facilities and personnel typically required in traditional, first-generation clinic models. It also allows MetaClinic to provide convenient services to your employees almost anywhere, making it an ideal solution for geographically displaced work forces.

Find out more about the MetaClinic model

Your MetaClinic is an integral part of your health benefits program. This clinic is available to your employees and their families for everything they would see their primary care doctors for…and more. They receive top-quality care and many pharmaceuticals at no charge, and take them when they leave their appointment. If outside services or specialists are required, the MetaClinic personnel will help make the best recommendations and referrals.

In addition to primary care, the true value of a MetaClinic is because it serves as the hub of a complete corporate culture of health and wellness. Your MetaClinic will actively engage your employees in health and wellness programs and other educational and inspirational activities to improve their overall health. Here’s the best part – the scalable MetaClinic model supports organizations of almost any size – from 20-person companies all the way up to Fortune 500 corporations.


MetaClinic providers spend the time it takes with each person. Instead of rushing through appointments, they focus on the overall well-being of your employees.
No matter how large or small your organization, MetaClinic’s unique operations model provides extremely convenient access to your employees – wherever they are. This results in employees taking less time off work and improves the likelihood that they will properly manage their own health.
MetaClinics are staffed by board certified physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, and physician assistants.
Our Population Health Management team uses information about your health plan and its members to determine potential risks and proactive measures that can be taken. Clinic management and staff work together to reduce health risks and achieve your clinic goals.

By utilizing Population Health Management, your MetaClinic can measurably reduce your health care costs. And, we guarantee it…

STEP 1 – Assessment and Analysis
We look at the performance history of your current health plan. What’s been working and what hasn’t. We do predictive modeling with your employee population to determine where your focus should be. Most importantly, we listen to YOU and the results you expect to achieve.

STEP 2 – Plan Development
With the goal of getting and keeping your employees healthy, we develop a comprehensive plan to inform and engage your people. This can include everything from pharmacy programs and regularly-scheduled health screenings, to wellness and smoking cessation programs, to ongoing employee education and communication.

STEP 3 – Implementation
From the minute your MetaClinic sees its first patient, the Bravura team will monitor participation and health progress to ensure that both your short- and long-term goals are being met.

STEP 4 – Reporting and Review
In addition to ongoing reports (both medical and financial), Bravura will perform regular reviews of the performance of your MetaClinic and make recommendations for changes or additions if necessary.

Call us. Let’s discuss how you’d like to improve your employees’ health as well as your bottom line, and how the improved operations and methodology of a MetaClinic can get you closer to your goals.