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Deliver the “more” your clients are expecting.


Your clients are your clients because they trust you to find solutions to their health care issues.

With all the changes in health care, insurance and the associated costs, traditional models are quickly becoming obsolete. The system is broken. The old way of doing things does nothing to help your clients’ employees live healthier lives. It simply finances expensive ways to treat symptoms.

Imagine bringing a TRUE solution to your clients that extends far beyond traditional insurance… an employer-sponsored MetaClinic.

A MetaClinic demonstrates that you are truly searching for solutions that offer innovation, control over the ever-increasing financial burden of health care, and the power for their employees and dependents to improve their health for a lifetime. Best of all, it can be implemented for companies of ALL sizes.

Partner with Bravura and deliver the “more” that your clients have come to expect from you. As our industry changes, show them that you’re changing with it. Call us and we’ll introduce you to other brokers and consultants who have discovered the value of working with us in bringing innovation and tremendous value to their clients.

Click here to see how a MetaClinic works.

Or, if your clients already have an onsite clinic and it just isn’t performing the way it should, contact us and we’ll help make you a hero with your clients.  We can implement the MetaClinic model and improve efficiency, obtain better results, and save your clients money in the process.