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It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it.


Your number one focus is to attract and retain top talent for your company’s work force.

Unfortunately, one of your other responsibilities is evaluating healthcare benefits and implementing changes.

So after you get the call from your CEO or CFO, you contact your insurance broker or consultant, to find out what the next increase in premiums is going to be.

Then comes the worst part of your job – delivering the bad news to the employees and their families. You end up as the one who has to tell them that:

1) Their insurance costs have risen again, or

2) Their coverage is being reduced again, or

3) Wage increases will be affected (or even eliminated) or

4) All of the above.

For you to do your job (attract and retain top talent), the more benefits you can offer, the better.

An employer-sponsored MetaClinic is a great way to address rising health care costs AND give employees a powerful benefit that empowers them to take control of their own health.

Imagine what your boss, CFO, or CEO will think about that.

Click here to see how a MetaClinic works.

Or, if you already have an onsite clinic and it just isn’t performing the way you were promised, contact us today and we’ll make you a hero with your team. We can implement the MetaClinic model and improve efficiency, obtain better results, and save you money in the process.