For CEOs


Break the trend.

Your primary responsibility is the bottom line.

With health care costs rising frantically, it can be difficult for you to maintain control of the second largest line item on your income statement.

A MetaClinic can help you break this trend and regain control.

A MetaClinic is the next-generation of employer-sponsored clinics. It is a controlled environment in which the true value of preventive medicine and wellness programs can be realized. More importantly, this innovative solution can, over time, manage and even reduce your health care costs.

Beyond protecting your bottom line, a MetaClinic also protects your most valuable asset – your employees. It is a benefit that empowers them to take control of their own health. And it is a benefit that will help you attract and retain the top talent in your industry.

Plus, Bravura GUARANTEES the performance of your MetaClinic – so you are assured it will accomplish the goals you set forth.

Ask your health insurance broker or consultant about the potential cost savings and other benefits of implementing a MetaClinic. Or give us a call – we LOVE talking about it.

Click here to see how a MetaClinic works.

Or, if you already have an onsite clinic and it just isn’t performing the way you were promised, contact us today and we’ll make you a hero with your employees. We can implement the MetaClinic model and improve efficiency, obtain better results, and save you money in the process.