Sorry, but it’s true.shutterstock_134923592

In the current, first-generation clinic management model, you will never see true, long-term success. This is because first-generation clinic managers are not equipped to address the real issues.

When you first decided to implement your clinic, were you sold on the incredible results you would see because they were going to include… wait for it…


Don’t feel bad. It’s a very enticing selling point. You want to help your employees live healthier lives AND you want to save on health care costs. And they probably told you that a wellness component would do all of that and more.

But did they say how?

No. They didn’t. Because just having a wellness component will NEVER save you money. In the short- or long-term.

In fact, having a “wellness” component may even add more cost with no added identifiable benefit.


That’s why your first-generation clinic is doomed to fail.


shutterstock_134923514Don’t panic – there’s still hope! You can still revive your clinic, and achieve the two things you wanted it to do in the first place.

But you will need to change the way your clinic is managed. And you will need to implement Population Health Management.

Which we will tell you about in another article.

Or you can click here to download our white paper:

Why traditional, first-generation, employer-sponsored clinics are doomed to fail. (And how Population Health Management can save them.)