Why convert to a MetaClinic?


Don’t settle for so-so.


An employer-sponsored onsite clinic is a large investment – but one that should deliver substantial returns.

If you have an onsite clinic, are you asking “Is that all there is?” When they sold you on the idea of an employer-sponsored onsite clinic, they likely told you about all the HUGE savings you would realize, and how it would do all these amazing things. But has it? We have found many clinic owners describing their situations like this:

• My employees like having the benefit.
• My clinic manager tells me things are going well.
• There aren’t too many complaints about the clinic staff.

But is that enough? Is so-so performance good enough for you? For your employees? For your executive team that is probably asking questions like:

• Where are the savings we were promised?
• What is the ROI?
• Why are our health care costs still going up?
• What is the clinic manager doing to make sure our members are getting healthier?

If this all sounds too familiar, it’s time to revisit how your onsite clinic SHOULD be working for you.

Contact Bravura Health, and we will be happy to show you how a MetaClinic will outperform your existing clinic and make everyone from your employees to your executives feel much better than just so-so.

If you have a clinic that isn’t performing the way you think it should, find out about converting to a MetaClinic.