Convert to a MetaClinic



Make your clinic work the way it should.


If you have a standard on-site clinic that’s not performing like you thought it would, let Bravura transform it into a MetaClinic – which can truly change your employees’ health, your corporate culture and your bottom line.

STEP 1 – Assessment and Analysis
We look at the performance history of your clinic. What’s been working and what hasn’t. We do predictive modeling with your employee population to determine where your focus should be. Most importantly, we listen to YOU and the results you expect to achieve.

STEP 2 – Plan Development
With the goal of getting and keeping your employees healthy, we develop a comprehensive plan to inform and engage your people. This can include everything from pharmacy programs and regularly-scheduled health screenings, to wellness and smoking cessation programs, to ongoing employee education and communication.

STEP 3 – Implementation
From the minute your MetaClinic sees its first patient, the Bravura team will monitor participation and health progress to ensure that both your short- and long-term goals are being met.

STEP 4 – Reporting and Review
In addition to ongoing reports (both medical and financial), Bravura will perform regular reviews of the performance of your MetaClinic and make recommendations for changes or additions if necessary.

Call us. Let’s discuss what you expected when you first implemented your existing clinic, and how the improved operations and methodology of a MetaClinic can get you closer to your goals.



The Straight Scoop

• Yes, you will probably save some money the first year, BUT we are focused on bigger savings and the long term.
• Yes, your employees will become healthier and more engaged, BUT not all of them. We’re not miracle workers.
• Yes, we handle everything for you. BUT converting to a Bravura MetaClinic works much more effectively and efficiently when we work together as a team.